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Always Push Those Boundaries


It’s amazing how a blast from the past can be such a powerful reminder!

I created Animoto video below over 2 years ago!

It was unusual because as I said in the description:

Had to push the boundaries of using Animoto by adding words and voice. Not because it was a good idea, it probably wasn’t, but the challenge was there so had to try!

Today David N. left me the timely reminder in a comment:

Animoto comment

Happy to say I continue to push those boundaries and are learning new things every day.

My motto–

  • The only bad ideas are never trying or giving up too quickly

Since Animoto allows you to upload your own music I quickly recorded some audio (using Audacity) and uploaded it to put with my video.

And here’s the video for a chuckle

Oops and apologies in advance as I may have said bad words like ‘this might be crap’ when talking.

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Author: Sue Waters

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  1. I’m an idiot! I never thought of putting voice audio to Animoto….doh! :)

  2. @Sarah Well if it makes you feel any better I had totally forgotten about this also — but such a simple idea if done well (not like I did).

  3. What a great reminder, i too have made meany animoto videos but have never added sound. my class wil definately being doing that this year.

  4. Thanks for the post, Sue.
    I never recorded my voice in a video except for voicethread- which is not exactly a video.
    I will try it myself. Really enjoyed your Animoto.

  5. @Henrietta and Andressa Let me know when you’ve created the movies as I would love to check them out.

  6. what a great idea-the addition of voice!!of course..
    I am sure that adding voice is a lot better for some purposes than trying to choose from the music selection!! although I have made some animotos very happily with music…. :-)
    I’m glad you like to sort things out!!
    -just like getting out of your hotel room…hardly a challenge..just open the door…..oh well!! call for an axe!! As long as it works!!

  7. A great reminder! I agree – it is always good to push the / your boundaries. It is great for learning, growing, and finding out just how much of you are capable of.
    Kind regards.

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