Sure it is nice when a blogger posts on the topics they normally write on but it is also enjoyable when they occasionally share what is happening in their life. Why? Because you can now connect with them as a real person; not just someone who always seems to be talking business.

For me, these glimpses of their lives make their blogs stand out in the blogs I read. Let me give you some examples from edubloggers! I have been really worried about Cathy! Is her eye allergy getting better, will they have a solution so that she can work in her new library? I also feel for her with the long drives and a bit worried about Wes driving her car! Sarah, like me, loves her wireless laptop but has learnt using it outside sunbathing is not a good idea! Dean gave himself a book of his blog for Christmas sounded cool while his daughter’s dog eating his SD card was not so cool (poor dog)!

Funny aspect of these types of posts — readers remember them but don’t necessarilywir.jpg comment. Who cares! So let me finish off by sharing a bit of what is happening in my life lately!

What I have been up to!

Well it is summer in Australia which means I am my long summer break and don’t go back to work until February! This is when I go absolutely crazy and for some unknown reason start spring cleaning the house. Beginning to think the house is messier now than before I started! And I have gotten rid of soooo much stuff!

Also now with some down time, where I don’t feel tired all the time, I take the opportunity to do some renovations. So I ordered a new wardrobe system for our W.I.R which has now just been installed! Finally after 15 years in the house are clothes can now be neatly put away. A bonus was my hubby had to repaint my ensuite, bedroom and W.I.R (not sure if he enjoyed his short Christmas break :) )! Off course this meant new curtains for my bedroom — which for some unknown is not a concept that a husband can understand! And while I was at it ordered new curtains for one of my kids bedrooms!

broken footMeanwhile I have been remembering holidays prior to kids. I am thinking they were easier! Oldest son (Mr13) broke his foot 1 week before Christmas (diagram of how he broke it is here!)….was mending well until we decided that Go-karting was an activity outside the house which would be okay. News flash! Parents are not always right! He couldn’t walk on it for 2 days this week. Then there is youngest son (Mr9) who has been crying on/off for last two days because he has been missing his friends. Good news is I now know how to build a megablock Helicopter after yesterday afternoon playing with Mr9!


So are you like me? Do glimpses of their lives make their blogs stand out in the blogs you read?

Would love to hear what you have been doing! If time, please write a post and let me know so I can drop past your blog!

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