Make It Interactive, Engaging and Model Use of Tools! Will I Crash and Burn?

eTools-n-Tips-logo I have agreed to do an online session (using Elluminate) on “Video in E-learning” for e-Tips n Tools for the 2007 Australian E-learning Networks.

Mine is a “how to” session on video, for one hour, and I have to keep in mind these sessions are aimed towards beginners. Oh did I mention they have also requested we make them interactive.

Most of the advice people have been giving me on How Do We Get Others To BUY IN? To Make Them Go The Extra Miles With E-learning? has recommended focusing on people skills that help them in their own learning. So I want to focus on this aspect during my session, so it is more than just a 1 hr presentation.

Training Wheels Let me clarify first that I have been using a virtual classroom (Elluminate) now for almost 2 years with my online aquaculture students. And time spent using it makes me feel that my training wheels, are getting bigger not smaller! Why? The more you learn, the more you realise you need to know!

One of the main tips I give beginners on videos is to check first with video sharing sites – there may already be videos created that are suitable. This is much more effective use of time than creating videos. And I show easy it is to embed videos in web sites by getting them to do it!

So since Michele Martin has modeled the effective use of Ning to me, I am pondering do I make my session REALLY interactive, engaging and MODEL the use of tools by setting up a Ning community specifically for the online session?

The idea is during part of the session I can send them to some video sharing sites, get them to find a video they like and get them to embed their videos into a web site (using Ning) with their comments on why they liked the video. Obviously I will encourage them to join the Ning community well in advance of the online session, and will also invite them to post their questions they most want answered about video to the Ning Forum.

So my concerns are:

  • Will this be too overwhelming for the type of people who will attend my session (participants will range from beginners to highly skilled practitioners)?
  • Is it worth taking the risk?
  • Is there a better option?
  • Do you think I am biting off more that I can chew?
  • Will I offend the 2007 E-learning Networks by hosting the forum outside of EDNA (uses Moodle)


Thank you to everyone that has taken the time to provide their thoughts on How Do We Get Others To BUY IN? To Make Them Go The Extra Miles With E-learning?

The reason why I have not responded to your comments YET is because the discussion is still ongoing at:

One thought on “Make It Interactive, Engaging and Model Use of Tools! Will I Crash and Burn?

  1. Sue, I think it’s a great idea–of course, I also tend to be a big risk taker in my training sessions, so I may not be the best person to ask. 🙂

    I’ve personally found Ning very easy and intuitive to use and so far we haven’t had any problems with people understanding how to use the site, even those who may not be as technologically savvy. Since you’ll be facilitating the group and able to answer questions, it will make dealing with any problems easier, I think. And it will be a great “handout” for them when they go home–all the videos, comments, discussion, etc. will be right online for them to refer to after you’ve finished. Plus you can add info later and keep the community going. I think it’s a winner!

    Michele Martin Reply

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