Love iGoogle – Get iGoogle Skins!

Gabriela is an ABSOLUTE LEGEND – she knows what I am an interested in and as a member of my network, she adds bookmarks for web sites to my account that she KNOWS I WILL LIKE. If you are not familar with or want to learn how to use more effectively – check out my Getting Out of information.


Today she gave me a GEM – Gabriela knows I am a bit crazy about iGoogle (= Google’s personalised homepage – read more about it here!), as I am a self confessed Google-aholic. And she has shared with me the link for Adding “Custom iGoogle Skins” to your iGoogle page. I already use google themes on my homepage, which change during the day but with the Custom iGoogle Skin gadget you can either make your own theme for your personalised homepage OR choose themes (skins) that others have shared, by browsing the most recent or the most popular.

I know it sounds crazy, but the colours and feel of my themes on my iGoogle page do effect my emotions – the right theme has a calming influence. The hardest task with the iGoogle Skin gadget is actually choosing which is most calming.

THANKS Gabriela!


Just discovered that the iGoogle Skins is affecting my Google reader gadget and stripping out all links posts. So I have had to turn off skins – SORRY. However Christine has reported she has installed and is having no ISSUES with it interfering with her Google reader gadget. So I suggest you try for yourself and report back outcomes. If you know a solution, for me, please let me know?

9 thoughts on “Love iGoogle – Get iGoogle Skins!

  1. I’m so excited, just what I wanted! Now I have to keep the discipline to keep doing my work rather than running off to play with creating new iGoogle skins.

    Christine Martell Reply

  2. Although I love iGoogle I learnt to use all Google new features after a while. Maybe I am a little bit lazy adopting the new tools or maybe I am a little bit skeptical of the real outcome.

    The real issue is the time. Google is so a time thief.

    Gabriela Reply

  3. Hi Christine – good to hear the skins are working well on your computer. Going to check it on my PC when I get home.

    Thanks again Gabriela for letting us know about iGoogle Skins. I actually find igoogle a time saver. Good thing I have you locating the gadgets.


    Sue Waters Reply

  4. Interesing blog. Chocolate is my favorite. I wish that I could do without it, but it does give me a boost of energy at times. Thanks Mr. Hersey chocolate. Brenda

    brenda riddick Reply

  5. Thanks Brenda,

    I am glad you found my blog interesting. Although having the chocolate on some posts made me want to go out and buy chocolate every time I looked at them.


    dswaters Reply

  6. what a bullshit. Igoogle sucks. Only stupid chicks love these thins. Well that explains everything… no brains and love igoogle. I you had any brains you would hate it like normal people do.

    joker Reply

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