How keep track of new comments on other bloggers’ posts

Frustrated because you like to read new comments on other bloggers’ posts when you have added a comment and find it time consuming to keep going back to the post to see if there is new comment? Well – you don’t need to!

Thankfully Cammie helped me out by telling me about Co-mment.

Here is how you use Co-mment:

  1. Add the Bookmarket to your Web browser
  2. Create an account with Co-mment
  3. Every time you comment on a post you press the Track co.mments
  4. Log into your co-comments account to check the updates of comments
  5. Alternatively click on the subscribe icon in your account and copy the feed address into your Feed Reader (e.g. Google Reader, Bloglines, NetVibes)


Thanks Cammie you have given me a definite timesaver. This makes commenting on other people’s posts sooooo much easier!!!

13 thoughts on “How keep track of new comments on other bloggers’ posts

  1. Hi, Co-comment is a great tool to use. I did find that it’s not compatible with WordPress blogs using the “reply to comment” plugin, so I stopped using Co-comment. You’ve reminded me to give it another try, especially since there has been an update for the Firefox CC plugin. 🙂

    JoLynn Braley Reply

  2. Hi JoLynn

    Thanks for your nice feedback – please note it is co-mment and not co-comment that I am using. To confuse matters you can subscribe to blog comments with both.


    dswaters Reply

  3. Hi Sue Waters,

    I really like the idea of the chocolate challange. We are working really hard to make our blog look more tidy. Do you think you can write a story in 6 words, If you can come and write one in on our blog. Maybe also you might want to look at the blog challange, clustrmap, the google map even maybe and try to click the you tube video.

    Cheers Maddie

    Madeline Reply

  4. Hi Sarah

    I hope that co-mment works for you as it has been such a life saver for me. MMMmmm wonder if you remembered to switch it on when you left this comment (ROFL).


    dswaters Reply

  5. […] Need to be very effective at managing your comments on other people’s blogs. I use co-mment, which tracks my comments, and it notifies me automatically by sending the comment to my Google Reader account. This way when a person comments on a post that I have commented on I can choose to immediately respond back if I want. Co-mment means I can effectively manage my conversations, and they can be near instantaneous. Read this post on how to use co-mment like I do! […]

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  6. Excellent resource! I am ticked to find another way to help keep up on all the reading I’m doing as well as comments as I become braver in leaving my thoughts out there. Interestingly, my own trepidation and nerves in posting comments makes me much more sympathetic to students’ nerves when learning something new.

    wvskphillips Reply

  7. […] Well – lets be honest – I really sucked at this before starting this blogging challenge, but this challenge has made me more efficient, and made it second nature now to do this and Cammy gave me the mechanism by telling me about co-mment to manage effectively how I comment and engage in conversation on other people’s blog…. […]

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