How to Embed ToonDoo comics in Edublog blogs as a scrollable flash

Yesterday, I checked out ToonDoo and created my first comic. Unfortunately I had a bit of a problem embedding it into my Edublog blog so the nice people from ToonDoo helped me out.

Here are my instructions on how to do it so you can also enjoy the benefits of adding ToonDoo comics to your edublog blog.

Step 1: Click on the embed swf icon.


Step 2: Insert the following code into the swf popup box but make sure you change the username and the toonID to your username and the toonID of your comic.

toonid.jpg imgPath= & goURL=

However make sure that there are not spaces in your code (e.g. remove any spaces when you copy my code as it needs to be all as on word to work. While it may not be obvious the image below of the code is one word:


This is how your code should look in the popup box.

Step 3: Click ok. You will now have a box open up to ask you for the width of the flash. Enter 450 for width and click ok.
Step 4: Now you will have a box open up for height- enter height as 320

I hope this has been of some help to you. Happy Toondoing!

While I was writing these instructions my son created the following comic he wants to share with you. Please remember he is only 8. For me what an excellent way for him to work on spelling, writing and creative skills.
[swf width=”450″ height=”320″][/swf]

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